June 2019 – Adam Burden


Adam joined Van Meter Insurance in 2011 as a member of the Bowling Green P&C team.

Originally when hired, he was to focus on tasks in which direct contact with the client would be at a minimum. As the years progressed, so did Adam.

From industry knowledge and building both marketing and client relationships, his role within the team continues to evolve today.

You can now find Adam handling some of the agency’s largest accounts, independently. Front and center. No wingman. Just him.

We couldn’t be more excited for Adam and his development over the past 8 years. While he is a perfect example of ‘Nobody Works Harder,’ we are more proud of the type of person he has become.

From an employee in the shadows to becoming a significant part of the agency’s future growth, congratulations to him for everything he has accomplished.


Favorite food: Buffalo Wings

Favorite movie: Hoop Dreams

Favorite color: Blue

Hobbies/Interests: Golfing, family

Something unique: Has 4 names; Samuel Adam Atlas Burden

Quote lived by: Stay hungry, stay foolish

Describe yourself in one word: Loyal