Cyber Insurance Services Bowling Green KY

What We Offer

Cyber coverage is designed to protect firms from liabilities associated with internet, social media, and data related issues.


Our cyber program is offered at a group rate that provides substantial savings from what is currently available in the marketplace. This policy offers full limits for incident response (no deductible), cybercrime and system damage and business interruption. These insuring agreements are on an each and every claim (AOC) basis rather than a policy aggregate. The program offers fund transfer fraud coverage and has specified coverage for theft of funds held in escrow. Many of our liabilities are associated with the following:

Unauthorized release of confidential information
Violation of a person’s rights to privacy
Personal injury in an electronic / social media environment
Intellectual property infringement

Business Interruption

Cyber policies provide coverage to reimburse a business for lost income during an extended outage, along with the costs to repair any damaged or destroyed data in the process. Dependent business interruption coverage can reimburse you for lost income if a third party you rely upon to operate your business is inoperable due to a network security intrusion.


Senior Executives

We have also added a section for theft of senior execs personal funds. You find more information by contacting one of our representatives. As stated in the wording, this must be tied to a compromise of the insured’s network. We feel this should be a great benefit to senior law partners.


Types of Breaches

Hacker Attacks / Unauthorized Access
Accidental Release
Virus / Malicious Code

Denial of Service-e-Extortion
Employee / Vendor Error
Physical Theft of Device / Media

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