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With HIG-Education, you have access to every carrier writing insurance for school systems in the Commonwealth. This access gives you greater choice, flexibility, and complete customization in your risk management programs.

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At HIG-Education, it’s what we know, and it’s who we protect. We understand what you’re facing, and we know what keeps you up at night. We’ve carefully assembled talent from the strengths of our agencies across the Commonwealth to create a uniquely experienced, smart, and resourceful team devoted to you, our schools.

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No matter how far we’ve advanced, we still feel like your hometown agent and always will. At HIG-Education, schools are all we do, it’s what we know, and it’s who we protect. Without regard to size or distance, we provide each client with the same expertise, dedication, and passion. We understand what you’re facing, we know what keeps you up at night, and we’ve been through almost anything you may face.You have our total attention and you will always know just how important you are to us. With HIG-Education, you are significant and you are cared for.

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Property & Casualty

Section 125-Employee Benefits

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Property & Casualty

Section 125-Employee Benefits

Individually, our agencies have been trusted to protect Kentucky schools for more than half a century. We’ve worked tirelessly to foster trust with our school clients by always being there. Just as is the case with all of our sister agencies, HIG-Education is still proudly owned and domiciled here in Kentucky with all the local support you’ve grown accustomed to over the years.

Our Services

Having the privilege to work with more than 75 school systems gives us unparalleled access to loss and performance data. This knowledge allows us to communicate trends specific to our state and to share large-loss events across the Commonwealth. Our state-of-the-art, customized risk and loss-analysis tools give you better information to make decisions and minimize your total cost of risk.

our team

Bryne Wiseman President of Houchens Benefits

Bryne Wiseman


30+ Year of Service

Jody Bryant

Vice President

25+ Years of Service

Adam Marley

Account Executive

8 Years of Service

Jackson Sowell

Account Executive

4 Years of Service

Ty Puyear

Account Executive

17+ Years of Service

Paula Hendrick

Senior Account Coordinator

19+ Years of Service

Scott Tarvin

Account Executive

2 Years of Service

Mike Stephens

Account Executive

2 Years of Service

Lisa Evans

Account Manager

19+ Years of Service

Leslie Dukate

Account Manager

20+ Years of Service

Tanner Davidson

Technology and Benefits analyst

3 Years of Service

Maryellen Sweetman

Compliance Officer

30 Years of Service

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