Client Compliance Review

At Houchens Insurance Group we handle all aspects of our clients’ insurance needs, but our service doesn’t stop there. When we have the honor of working with a new client, we offer a comprehensive compliance review both initially and annually thereafter.

With laws changing so frequently, our clients welcome the opportunity to review their current practices as they relate to federal law.

Our Compliance Officer conducts a thorough review at the invitation of our client to discuss compliance in various laws, e.g. ACA/ADA/COBRA/ERISA/HIPAA/GINA, and Internal Revenue Code requirements.

Yes, big brother cannot look over everyone’s shoulder and currently OSHA (including state-plans) has approximately 2,100  inspectors for 8 million worksites and 130 million workers in all industries nationwide. That is equivalent to one OSHA inspector for every 3,800 worksites or 61,900 workers.

This compliance review takes an in-depth look at these federal laws and the client’s practices related to these laws. We work with our client to shore up compliance in any affected areas and at the same time, ensure that the client remains compliant going forward.

Although we typically find that our clients are compliant in most areas, it is always beneficial to conduct this analysis and make any adjustments, if needed.

This compliance review is also offered to clients on an annual basis to review updated laws and new laws recently enacted.

As you can see, our agency offers a wide array of services in addition to your insurance needs.