Van Meter Bowling Green


The HIG BG office is comprised of BG VMI and the original Center of Insurance. COI began in 1950, and VMI was established in 1977, and the two are now combined to make the Van Meter Bowling Green P&C division. VMI moved to Fairway Street in 1994, joined by COI in September 2016, who resided across the street.

In 1983, VMI started the Employee Benefits division, and in 1994, VMI formed ERA TPA – two extremely successful branches. In March 2017, the Benefits division joined, now as Houchens Benefits, across the street.

And here’s a fun fact and motivator about the agency’s present management: The current leadership pf VMI is Brian Sewell and Christiaan Volkert, who both started as interns for the company and are now the President and Vice President of Van Meter Insurance.

In business, the agency has crossed many exciting thresholds. In 200o, VMI reached $7M in revenue. COI represented $4.5M when they moved over.

Over the years, that number has increased significantly, our current standing over $23M in business. VMI currently has 17 producers, guiding us to this path of success.

We look forward to a tremendous year of capitalizing from the present momentum and constantly exhibiting the ‘Nobody Works Harder’ mentality!