May 2019 – Becky Travis


Becky started her venture into insurance in 2002 after the birth of her twins.

She worked as an account manager for personal lines when the agency she worked for was purchased by Curneal Hignite Insurance in 2007. At that time, she expanded to commercial lines. After a few years, she started backing up claims.

She is now a full-time claims manager for Curneal Hignite and has worked in all areas, making her perspective on managing and handling each claim superior.

Becky puts in the extra time and effort to hear what the insureds needs in order to get the claim processed and restore what was lost in order to return to normal living. She is even known to answer and return calls all hours of the week.

Her background shows that not only is she a team player, but displays the ‘Nobody Works Harder’ character, making her more than deserving of this month’s spotlight.

Currently, Becky is continuing her studies to get her AIC in order to better assist in her position within the agency. She believes you can always learn more, in order to help more.


Favorite food: Chocolate

Favorite movie: Elf of any corny comedy

Favorite color: Pink

Hobbies/Interests: Cruising, reading, painting, spending time with grandchildren, and being a baseball and football fan.

Something unique: She used to make birthday and wedding cakes until she turned it over to her niece who owns her own bakery.

Quote lived by: “I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me.”

Describe yourself in one word: Caring